Best foods to Help with Oral Health

There are many foods that are important for a person to eat.  Oral health is crucial, and gums are important to keep healthy. They help secure the teeth, help with mouth bones, and even fight against bacteria.  While you might clean your teeth every day, and you might see a dentist, there are a few things that you can do, and often, the best way to help support your gums to include various foods in your diet to help improve your oral health. This article will go over a few that can miraculously help your teeth and improve the oral health.

The first is onions. This is a fantastic food in general, but it also helps with teeth health because it will get rid of oral bacteria. They also have various microbial benefits, and often they help to target the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.  You should try to include more onions as a salad topping, in various burgers and sandwiches, and even in various stews and soups for the best results.

Then there are leafy greens. These are veggies such as kale and spinach, which are riddled with various vitamins and minerals that are healthy, one of them being vitamin C, which helps with not only immune health, but also reducing inflammation and also helping with increasing the production of red blood cells. This is great to use when you’re fighting irritation and gum disease.  Leafy greens also do require a lot of chewing, and because of the high fiber content, it will create more saliva, which will get rid of any particle, plaque and bacteria that might be near the gum line.  These greens are full of rich vitamins and minerals, and whether you like them in a salad, or as an addition to the main meal, these are great for those that want to really beef up their gum health.

Green tea is a great drink to have period because of the antioxidants, but it can do a whole lot for inflammation in the body, and that includes the mouth.  Green tea had an antioxidant though called catechins, which will help the gums combat the inflammation that is caused by the oral bacteria that is responsible for gum disease. You should look into drinking green tea once a day to help you have a healthier set of gums and to really give them a boost.

Peppers and citrus fruits, such as various acidic fruits such as oranges, pineapples, strawberries, and kiwis are very high in vitamin C.  these will help to combat and neutralize the bacteria that is present in your mouth. They also help with inflammation, so if you do have any gum pain and issues, you can just have these. These are great with smoothies, in yogurt, and if you like fruit salads this is the way to go.

Shitake mushrooms are another great gum helper.  In it is lentinan, which is an antibacterial compound that is within these mushrooms. It helps any bacteria that are plaque-building in the mouth.  This type of bacteria is often really hard to combat because it’s between teeth and along the gum line, and often, this can lead to gingivitis and even gum disease. You can use shiitake mushrooms in various different ways, such as sautéing them and putting them in the main course of a dish, or adding them as a chopped up veggie to your favorite dish. Whatever the case, they to incorporate them as best as you can.

Crunchy foods are also great to help with getting rid of plaque and teeth.  These types of food include celery, apples, and carrots, and these get in teeth. They can get in between the tooth crevices and will help with freshening your mouth in between each brush.  Along with this is the fact that they’re super high in fiber as well, which means that they do take a lot longer to chew and will give you more saliva, allowing you to get even more food out of your mouth and some of the harmful bacteria that reside near the gum line.  Even just snacking on these foods in between meals can help get rid of all the different particles that reside in between your teeth, allowing for a healthier, cleaner mouth.

Finally, there are dairy products.  Now, this is important to have because milk, cheese, and even yogurt have a ton of calcium, which is a mineral that helps with bone health, but it also helps with gum health as well. In many dairy products there is a protein called casein, which is found in it, and often it helps to get rid of any oral acids that are made by mouth bacteria. Often these acids are super destructive to the enamel and the gum tissue, which can lead to irritation. By having some dairy in your diet, such as a cup of milk each day or even some cheese, you’ll be able to really help with your teeth health, and you’ll be able to prevent tooth decay in various other ways.

Brushing your teeth and seeing a Eugene Dentist are all given elements to having the best oral health that you can. But remember, your diet is a key part of this as well, and just as some foods can cause tooth decay, there are some foods that you can have that can build up the enamel and strengthen it. keep these types of foods in mind, and strive to eat as many of them as you can. You’ll be able to really assist your oral health, and you’ll be able to help improve the nature of your mouth as well, which in turn will help you have a better, healthier mouth and less dental problems as a result of the diet that you have.

You are what you eat, and it is important to remember that the overall health of your mouth does depend on this too.


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